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From: Jon Greenbaum <gtree61 at localnet.com>

I'm an organizer for a grassroots peace and justice organization
(www.metrojustice.org ) in Rochester, NY and I've been recruited to teach a
section of a social justice course for undergrad social work students as an
adjunct at a local university.

The course has two texts:
-Lepers and Lunacy- An American in Vietnam Today
-American Class Structure

The goals of the course are to familiarize students with social and
economic justice issues, become familiar with social justice movements as
well as movement strategy and tactics.

It's a fourteen week course that meets once a week for three hours a shot.

There is a syllabus but its fairly broad in its scope.

I taught first and second graders for 5 years (and some junior high and
high school here and there) but that's about it.

Does anybody have anything they could share with me?

- Syllabi?
- Sample activities, projects and assignments?
- Readings and texts?

I have printed out all the excellent suggestions that people on this list
previously made about movies and novels.


-Jon Greenbaum, Metro Justice Organizer

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