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From: "Peter Dreier" <dreier at oxy.edu>

For several years in the late 1980s and early 1990s, a group of the largest
foundations created the Council for Community-Based Development to quantify
and evaluate the role of foundations in community development. It issued
several annual reports called "Expanding Horizons." This group was
discontinued in the early 1990s. I don't think any other report has followed
up on this in terms of looking at who funds community development, although
the Urban Institute's report, Community Development in the 1990s (by Chris
Walker). which was available on-line, may have some data. I don't think that
the Neighborhood Funders Group, an affinity group of program officers, has
done such an analysis. The National Congress for Community Economic
Development may still have copies of these reports. NCCED has done its own
reports on the status of CDCs, although has focused on the magnitude of
housing and job creation, not the role of funders. I drew on the "Expanding
Horizons" reports in article, "Philanthropy and the Housing Crisis,"
published in Housing Policy Debate:
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> From: James_DeFilippis at baruch.cuny.edu
> Hi Randy,
> I'm looking for a good general discussion on the role of foundations in
> community development.  I've seen some good work on community 
> foundations,
> but was looking for a more general piece, which would include community
> foundations, but not be limited to them.  If anybody knows of any, 
> then I'd
> greatly appreciate a reference.
> Thanks, James
> James DeFilippis
> Department of Black and Hispanic Studies
> Baruch College, CUNY
> New York, NY 10010
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> [ed:  there are a couple things in the COMM-ORG papers collection that 
> may be of use:   Carl Tjerandsen, Education for Citizenship:  A 
> Foundation's Experience; Robert O. Bothwell, Foundation Funding of 
> Grassroots Organizations.]
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