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[ed:  thanks to David and Mary for replying to James' query.]

From: "David Chavis" <dchavis at capablecommunity.com>

Even more direct is the Neighborhood Funders Group, an affinity group
for foundations involved in primarily urban community development.
www.nfg.org. They don't release their membership list. To get a listing
you'll need to do research at the Foundation Center www.fdncenter.org or
Guidestar www.guidestar.org, especially if you are looking for contacts
for funding. NFG offers conferences for funders and reports.


David M. Chavis
Association for the Study and Development of Community
312 South Frederick Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
301-519-0722 ext. 109 (voice)
301-519-0724 (fax)


From: Mary Dailey <mary.dailey at nwbccc.net>

Perhaps those interested in this topic should contact
Their website is: http://www.ncrp.org/

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> From: James_DeFilippis at baruch.cuny.edu
> Hi Randy,
> I'm looking for a good general discussion on the role of foundations in
> community development.  I've seen some good work on community 
> foundations,
> but was looking for a more general piece, which would include community
> foundations, but not be limited to them.  If anybody knows of any, 
> then I'd
> greatly appreciate a reference.
> Thanks, James
> James DeFilippis
> Department of Black and Hispanic Studies
> Baruch College, CUNY
> New York, NY 10010
> 646-312-4447
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> [ed:  there are a couple things in the COMM-ORG papers collection that 
> may be of use:   Carl Tjerandsen, Education for Citizenship:  A 
> Foundation's Experience; Robert O. Bothwell, Foundation Funding of 
> Grassroots Organizations.]
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