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[ed:  thanks to Doug for replying to James' query.  And Marlynn would 
also like information on this query.]

From: DougRHess at aol.com

You might wish to contact the Center on Community Change as there are  some
roundtable and more/less formal/informal groups of funders. CCC had 
some  staff
involved in these. I don't recall the names of these groups.
Also, the Foundation Center in NYC would a good place to go. Using both 
indexing system of grants (which is kind of awkward and might require some 
creativity to get what you want) and the "reverse directory." Staff 
there are 
very helpful.


From: Marlynn May <marlynn at neo.tamu.edu>

I, too, would be interested in references on this topic.  For those who
might have references, please use the listserv.  Thanks.
Marlynn May

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> [ed:  please feel welcomed to copy COMM-ORG with responses to James' 
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> From: James_DeFilippis at baruch.cuny.edu
> Hi Randy,
> I'm looking for a good general discussion on the role of foundations in
> community development.  I've seen some good work on community 
> foundations,
> but was looking for a more general piece, which would include community
> foundations, but not be limited to them.  If anybody knows of any, 
> then I'd
> greatly appreciate a reference.
> Thanks, James
> James DeFilippis
> Department of Black and Hispanic Studies
> Baruch College, CUNY
> New York, NY 10010
> 646-312-4447
> ****************************
> [ed:  there are a couple things in the COMM-ORG papers collection that 
> may be of use:   Carl Tjerandsen, Education for Citizenship:  A 
> Foundation's Experience; Robert O. Bothwell, Foundation Funding of 
> Grassroots Organizations.]
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