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Sun Nov 21 20:31:13 CST 2004

[ed:  this is related to our discussion of where organizing should go.  
Here is some more information to fuel the discussion.]

From: Amy Hubbard <ahubbarddc at>

Hi everyone,

I don't know how many of you get home delivery of the Washington Post 
but if you do you may have noticed this morning that there was included 
in it an advertising supplement from Grace Christian Church that was 
fashioned to look like a magazine.  The basic theme was that gays don't 
deserve equal rights like heterosexuals because they choose to be gay 
and that the "behavioral rights" movement shouldn't be likened to the 
civil rights movement because blacks don't choose to be black.
I called the Manager of Corporate Advertising this morning and left a 
message.  His name is Marc Rosenburg at 202-334-7634.  I also left a 
message for Tracy McKeever at 202-334-6947.  Then I called Michael 
Getler the Post Ombudsman and left a message for him.  (got him through 
the switchboard at 202-334-6000)
I left messages asking if the Post would be willing to take money from 
people arguing that interracial marriage shouldn't be protected because 
after all people can choose to love someone else.  Would the Post be 
willing to take money from Christians arguing that Jews should all 
convert to Christianity because after all religion is a choice and Jews 
in American never suffered as much as blacks did?  The Post needs to 
draw the line at accepting money from advertisers who threaten the 
rights of all Americans.
Please let other people know about this and encourage them to complain 
to the Post.  

Those of you who know me and are forced to listen to me rant and rave 
about this (poor Mark) know that I think it is important to argue for 
gay rights by raising civil rights issues that are about making a choice 
so I prefer to raise the issue of interracial marriage, rather than 
black civil rights.  (When Mr. and Mrs. Loving were arrested for their 
interracial marriage in Virginia in the 60s, I'm sure there were 
Christian churches pointing to the bible and saying that god thought 
interracial was unnatural.)  You also know that I think white racism 
against blacks is one of the major issues of our time.  We have to 
loudly condemn both racism and heterosexism.  
Also some of you may not know that there are people who are seeking to 
put a "defense of marriage" (sic) referendum on the ballot in DC.  Be 
prepared for this to be a big controversy in a city where conservative 
black churches have a lot of power.  Better sharpen those arguments now.
okay, rant over

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