PICO Clergy Gather at U.S. Capital to Promote Forgotten Family Issues

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[ed: this is a press release from the PICO national network.]

From: PICO National Network <gwhitman at piconetwork.org>

As the agenda is being set for the new Congress, leading clergy from PICO National Network are holding a press conference on Thursday in the U.S. Capital to promote pro-family policies in education, housing, health care, neighborhood safety and immigration.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 15, 2004

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Clergy from PICO National Network cross partisan divide to fight for needed resources for working families.


PICO clergy are presenting a faith-based yard stick to measure the work of Congress.  The yard stick is based on family issues that need to be at the top of the agenda of the new Congress. Clergy from Catholic, Evangelical, Mainline Protestant and Jewish traditions lead the PICO National Network which has worked with faith communities since 1972 to improve schools, make neighborhoods safer, increase access to health care and create housing opportunities in 150 cities and towns across America.
This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from faith-based leaders on a pro-family agenda that motivate religious civic concerns and voting habits.


More than 40 members of the clergy representing the PICO National Network which is comprised of 50 religious denominations and traditions.  Including:
Bishop Roy Dixon, Prelate of the Southern California 4th Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ and President of the Board of PICO National Network, San Diego
Rev. Heyward D. Wiggins III, Camden Bible Tabernacle Church, Camden,
Rev. Dr. Julius R. Tipton, III, pastor of John Calvin Presbyterian Church, Orlando
Rev. Kendall Baker, United Church of Christ, PICO New Voices Campaign, Seattle
Father Henry Rodriquez, Pastor of St. Jude’s Shrine of the West, San Diego
Rev. John Baumann, S.J., Executive Director of PICO National Network
Rev. Harold Mayberry, Pastor, First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Oakland,
Dr. George Cummins, Pastor, Imani Community Church, Oakland
Deacon Allen Stevens, Administrator, St. Phillip Catholic Church, New Orleans
Charles Briskin, Congregation Beth Am, Palo Alto, CA


U.S.  Capital, Room: SC – 6, Washington, DC


Thursday, November 18, 11 AM

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