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Shelterforce Magazine, November 2004
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Does this Affordable Housing Make Things Worse?
Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects produce most of the subsidized 
affordable housing in America. But in Camden, New Jersey and Hartford, 
Connecticut, advocates contend these projects have led to increased 
poverty concentration and segregation. Housing developers counter that 
their goal is not to achieve race and class integration, but to shake up 
the market in stagnant neighborhoods.

The Government’s Best-Kept Secret for Growing Wealth
Overlooked and underutilized, the Family Self -Sufficiency program can 
help residents of public and subsidized housing build up their savings. 
It will take community partnerships for FSS to live up to its full 

Breaking down Barriers in the Construction Trades
A Newark-based program uses public facilities projects to break down 
barriers in the construction trades to people with low incomes. The 
program is helping these groups to get jobs in what some people are 
calling “the new manufacturing.”

After the Election:
Building Electoral Power for City Residents and Young People
 From housing to economic development, the Bush Administration has tried 
to cut programs and services that help cities grow and prosper. Despite 
some improvements, neighborhoods continue to see prosperity pass them by.

Meanwhile, millions of new voters have been registered in the past year, 
many by community-based organizations. But the work of civic empowerment 
goes far beyond one election. Nonprofits also need to educate and 
mobilize voters.

Meanwhile, the Hip-Hop generation’s first political convention may lead 
to new political awareness for millions of young people across the country.
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the Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Building

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