New COMM-ORG paper: Undergraduates and Community-Based Research

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Wed Nov 3 10:31:33 CST 2004


I am very pleased to announce a new addition to the COMM-ORG Papers

Undergraduates and Community-Based Research: Benefits, Challenges and

by Katharine Kravetz,

Increasingly, community-based social change efforts are partnering with
institutions of higher education, and are often using undergraduates. 
Katharine takes an honest look at such efforts.  This is an important
paper for anyone who wants to have realistic expectations for such

You can find the paper at the COMM-ORG "Papers" page, in the
2004 section:

I hope that the paper inspires some discussion.  Authors contribute
papers to COMM-ORG in the hopes of getting comments, so please feel
welcomed to contact David and Nan directly or discuss
their paper through the list.

Thanks to Katharine for contributing her paper.

Randy Stoecker, moderator/editor
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