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[ed:  while not exactly community organizing, with the U.S. election 
coming up it seemed appropriate to send this out.]


There's good news from Florida and other battleground states. Although 
polls show Bush and Kerry neck-and-neck in key swing states, these polls 
of "likely voters" don't include the millions of newly-registered 
voters, disproportionately low-income, minority, immigrant, and women 
voters who are most like to vote for Kerry and other Democrats. For 
months, labor unions, community organizations, environmental and civil 
rights groups and others have been waging incredible grassroots voter 
registration and turn-out campaigns in the key states. A good example is 
ACORN's campaign in Florida to register and mobilize low-income voters 
through a statewide ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage.  John 
Atlas and I wrote a piece in the current The American Prospect 
(http://www.prospect.org/web/printfriendly-view.ww?id3D8822) that 
describes this innovative grassroots campaign that has registered more 
than 200,000 new voters.  The other articles on American Prospect's 
website -- plus the articles in this month's issue, also available 
on-line --
 are worth reading.

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