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A quick note that we currently have a great job opening here at the 
Center (details below).

It's a wonderful opportunity for students interested in economic justice 
issues and who want to work with immigrants rights groups and 
communities of color.  We are beginning our selection process soon, so 
applications should be submitted within the next several weeks.  

Many thanks, and have a great weekend!

Research Associate - Economic Justice Project


Launched in 1999, the Economic Justice Project works to promote the 
creation of good jobs that are open to everyone in our society ? 
especially immigrants, women, and people of color. Our work is driven 
by the concrete needs of community organizations, immigrant groups, 
progressive unions, and legislative leaders. We assist our allies by 
conducting research, developing reform models, disseminating our 
findings broadly, and providing legal and policy support for concrete 
initiatives on the ground.  

The Position

The Research Associate works with senior staff to support local 
community groups in their economic justice campaigns. Examples of 
current projects in New York City include documenting the problem of 
bad jobs in the retail industry, and assisting legislative campaigns to 
expand access to employer-provided health insurance. The Research 
Associate will also work on a major comparative research project to 
document the growth of workplace violations in New York City and 
Chicago, helping to conduct interviews with employers and workers in a 
host of industries.  

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