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From: D Schoech <schoech at>

Program Number:   78937
Title:            Grants Program                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Sponsor:          Sparkplug Foundation

 The sponsor supports projects primarily in three areas of focus:
music, education and grassroots organizing. In all areas of focus, the
sponsor is interested in making one-time grants for activities which
create sustainable organizing and communities. While recognizing the
importance of developing individual cultures, the sponsor favors
projects that promote diversity.  

Deadline(s):      04/30/2004 
Established Date: 03/25/2004
Follow-Up Date:   02/01/2005
Review Date:      03/25/2004


Address:          P.O. Box 603
                  Tarrytown, NY 10591      
E-mail:           info at
Web Site:
Tel:              877-866-8285                  
Deadline Ind:     Receipt                                                
Deadline Open:    No

Award Type(s):    General Operating Funds
                  General Project
                  Seed Money/Start-Up Funds

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution: 
                  Any/No Restrictions

Locations Tenable:    Any/No Restrictions

Appl Type(s):     Individual, Non-Specific

Target Group(s):  NONE
Funding Limit:    $0   NOT PROV
Duration:         0
Indirect Costs:   Unspecified
Cost Sharing:     No
Sponsor Type:     Foundations

Geo. Restricted:  NO RESTRICTIONS                                         


 The sponsor supports projects primarily in three areas of

 Music--The sponsor seeks to foster the expansion of musical ideas
by supporting new projects which promote original programming and 

 Education--The sponsor seeks to promote living environments in
which learning is a natural activity and a habit, rather than a
periodic task. The Foundation values critical and investigative
thinking, and supports projects which address class disparities in
educational access. 

 Grassroots Organizing--The sponsor encourages individuals and
grassroots groups to develop and enact activist strategies for
addressing institutional injustices, and for envisioning and building
a reasoned, just society. 

 Grants are available to 501c-3 organizations, projects with 501C-3
sponsoring organizations and individuals working on new, non-profit
projects.  Currently, grants are open to people and organizations
everywhere. There are no requirements of citizenship, and no
geographical limitations. 

 The sponsor makes grants only for seed money, or to launch new
ideas within existing projects. (cmb) 

KEYWORDS:         Music
                  Social Change

Dick Schoech <mailto:schoech at>
U. TX Arlington, Box 19129, 211 S Cooper, Arl TX 76019-0129

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