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Sat Mar 27 08:21:47 CST 2004

[ed:  those of you working on e-organizing may be able to help with 
Claudius' query.]

From:           	blau123 at gmx.de

We are all aware that the Internet is an
efficient medium for communication and data
retrieval. Community building via the Internet
needs however an additional element: opinion
formation, also called consensus building.

In my opinion, the usual chat and discussion-forums
currently available are not efficient tools for
online-opinion formation. My query to the comm-org
members is therefore for research and information
on this topic.

Of course I am aware that some
specialized communities, like the open-source
movement, are able to realized all issues relevant
for community via the Internet, but it is not clear
whether their informal approach would be suitable
for the ordinary web-user.

The background: I am involved in a project, the
planned Foundation Future 25 (http://www.future25.org),
which envisions an international community organized
dominantly via Internet. We have some preliminary ideas,

like the `Structured Opinion-Formation via Internet'

or the `Result-Oriented Discussion Forums'

for community-building online-tools, but you may have
more experience with these issues.
   Sincerely yours,
             Claudius Gros  < blau123 at gmx.de >

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