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Fri Mar 19 12:48:12 CST 2004

[ed:  those of you with organizational insurance, budgeting and 
transportation expertise may be able to help with this query.]

From: laura wade <laura_towar at yahoo.com>

I am working to develop community partnerships for three community 
centers in northern Virginia that provide services for low-income 
seniors, adults and youth.  Transporting young people to events and 
programs is a chronic problem in that we have no vans.  I am hoping to 
secure low or no-cost transportation for them, and would appreciate 
suggestions and past experience from others.  I suspect that securing a 
partnership with a leasing agent might be a better route rather than 
outright ownership of vehicles.  Please feel free to email me directly if 
you prefer, I am open to all ideas.
Laura Towar Wade
Partnership Coordinator
Wesley Housing Develop Corp.

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