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Mosaic is pleased to announce its 2004 summer workshops on: 1)
Results-based Management, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space
Technology; 2) Participatory Development: Concepts, Tools and
Application in PRA/PLA Methods; and 3) Participatory Monitoring
and Evaluation.  Please share this announcement with your
colleagues, field staff, or post in a visible space for others to

This is our 8th season of organizing workshops for development
activists, Government, donors, NGOs and Community-based
Organizations seeking to transform the development agenda so that
the voices of the poor are reflected in development programmes
that are more responsive, results-oriented, participatory and

The best champions of Mosaic workshops are its participants and
here is what they have had to say about Mosaic workshops in 2003:

"If you are looking for a life changing six-day experience that
you will use in development work where ever you go, this is it!".

" I like the fact that you can apply the tools you have learned
during the community assignment."

"My experience was very rich and I felt like the organizers made
every detail-from residential setting, group dynamics to
activities in the workshop setting--have a purpose in helping me
learn and grow in doing development work.  I would strongly
suggest this PM&E workshop to others because of: 1) community
assignment; 2) experienced facilitators; 3) clear expertise of
facilitators in participatory approaches and realities of field
work; 4) attracts dedicated participants who also make the
experience worthwhile; and 5) Ottawa is a cool place."

"If you are trying to the see world not only through numbers and
data, that's the right place to go".

Join us in being part of a challenging, intensive and
unforgettable experience that will stretch your limits and
challenge you in unexpected ways at both a personal and
professional level.  Share your experiences with colleagues from
around the world representing a broad range of organizations:
NGOs, Government, donors, community-based organizations, and the
private sector.  

Our programme for July of 2004 is as follows:

Results-based Management, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space
Technology July 12-16, 2004

This new workshop introduces participants to Results-based
Management, Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology. 
Demonstrate the effectiveness of your programmes with
Results-based Management.  Master what we mean by results,
develop programme/organizational plans which are results-based
and design performance monitoring systems based on indicators and
participatory methods.  You will learn how to apply gender
analysis to your work.  You will also expand your repertoire of
tools  to also learn about Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space
and how they can be applied to your organization, programme
and/or project.  These approaches are increasingly being used
around the world to tap into new ways to do our work in ways that
are more results-oriented, more appreciative and less
problem-focused and more self-organized vs top down.

Participatory Development Concepts, Tools and Application in
PLA/PRA Methods July 19-24, 2004

The PD workshop focuses on core participatory concepts, tools and
their application. This is an intensive six-day workshops set in
the community to maximize learning, group interaction and
networking.  Topics include The Origins of Participatory
Development, Learning and Application of PRA/PLA tools, the
Application of Participation to Project Design, Monitoring and
Evaluation, PLA interventions that are Gender Sensitive,
Developing Effective Facilitation Skills, Building Action Plans
and Team-Building.  Two-day community assignments proposed by
community-based organizations in the Ottawa region will allow
participants to apply tools learned in the workshop to real-life

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
July 26-31, 2004

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM & E) involves a
different approach to project monitoring and evaluation by
involving local people, project stakeholders, and development
agencies deciding together about how to measure results and what
actions should follow once this information has been collected
and analyzed.  This intensive six day experiential workshop is
practically focused with daily excursions into the community and
a three-day community assignment.  Topics covered at the workshop
include Origins of PM & E, Skills and Attributes of a PM & E
facilitator, Learning PM & E Tools, Designing a Monitoring and
Evaluation Framework and Actions Plan, and much more.  

We look forward to your participation!  Full details at www. or workshop at 

All workshops organized by Mosaic are sensitive to issues of
gender, ethnicity, race, class and sexuality and how these can
influence outcomes and  how we see the world if they are absent
from our assumptions, direct participation,  our analysis and

Can't attend the workshops?  Contact us to custom design a
workshop to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Francoise Coupal
Founder of International, Inc.

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