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Educators for Community Engagement invite you to attend the 10th
Anniversary of the National Gathering, in Berea, Kentucky, on the
edge of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

Whether you are new to E4CE or an old friend, this "Reunion on
the Ridge" promises to be a powerful event. The coordinating
committee in Berea has worked hard to design service-learning
workshops related to this unique Appalachian setting. These
experiential community sessions will introduce you to the heart
of the National Gathering, the learning circles. Come meet new
friends, reunite with longtime colleagues, and tackle some of the
most important issues facing campuses and communities today.

June 17, 18, 19th 2004

We have created a entire new website for this important
Gathering! Visit to find out why this
will be one of the most memorable service-learning events of the
year. Through critical workshops and learning-circles we will
share our knowledge and stories about the topics through deep
dialogue that is empowering and transforming.

Berea College offers a unique setting for celebrating our past
and looking forward. The College was founded in 1855 to serve the
Appalachian region and to provide interracial education,
especially to African Americans and whites, men and women.  Berea
is a federal work college, and is unique in that it offers
full-tuition scholarships to all students, who must come from
low-income backgrounds.  The rich cultural, service, and social
justice traditions of Appalachian communities will provide an
exciting context for our Gathering.

As always the Educators for Community Engagement seeks inclusion
of all stake holders and so we offer scholarships and special
team rates. Visit the website for Additional information and
registration materials: Remember your
registration costs includes a one year membership in the
Educators for Community Engagement!

Topics Include:
*    Leading Learning Circles
*    Local History and Place
*    Issues in Community Work for the Seasoned Practitioner
*    Doing Community Work & Education Times of Crisis
*    Community-based Research
*    Life-Long Paths: Vocation, Spirituality & Work
*    Making the Case: Assessment, Evaluation, Outcomes & Impacts
*    Community Building & Development: Being In, Of and With
Communities *    Learning Through Social Movements: Then & Now * 
  Working, Living & Learning in Multicultural Communities *   
Student-Directed Social Action *    Environmentalism and
Sustainable Living *    Labor Issues and Socio-economic Class *  
 Issues in International Service-Learning

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