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Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation is holding a Community
Organizer Symposium May 3-5, 2004 in Minneapolis. The symposium
will focus on the theme of "Community Organizing in Community
Development: Knowing Our Roots, Embracing Our Values, Refining
Our Strategies". 

The Community Organizer Symposium provides the highest quality
training to community organizing and outreach staff for
skill-building, professional development and creative
opportunities for networking with your peers. This year's events
will help you rejuvenate your spirit, refine your strategies and
learn important skills and tools. Special features of the
Community Organizer Symposium include:

*	Choice of 14 courses 
*	Site visits to local organizing efforts 
*	Plenary sessions with participatory activities 
*	Exchange and sharing of ideas 
*	Insights from the Community Organizing Pilot Program on
strategies and impacts of community organizing in community

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Download brochure and registration form [PDF] at

For questions, call (800) 438-5547 or (202) 220-2454 or e-mail
nti at <mailto:nti at>  

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