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[ed:  Andy follows on Jeff's response.]

From: "Andrew Mott" <andymott at communitylearningproject.org>

Jeff Pinzano's recent note mentioned my recent paper on Moving to 
Scale in Improving America's Housing, which explores how organizing 
and advocacy have enabled community organizing groups, coalitions 
and others to expand greatly their impact on housing conditions.  It also
looks at how some organizing groups have taken on development
responsibilities in ways which have not undercut their ability to organize
people and take on controversial issues.   

If you'd like a copy of the report, please send a check for $10 made out
to Andrew Mott at the address below.

Andy Mott

Andrew Mott
Community Learning Project
One Dupont Circle, NW -- Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036
202/822-6006  (fax 202/293-0525)
andymott at communitylearningproject.org

> From: J Pinzino <Jpinzino at woodsfund.org>
> In response to Peter Drier's request on behalf of Andrew Crespo,
> one document that could be useful is a recently released study
> from the Center for Community Change funded by the Woods Fund
> called "Moving to Scale in Improving America's Housing."  It
> deals largely with groups that have navigated the tension between
> organizing and development work.  I'm not sure how much you'll
> find specifically about inter-ethnic cooperation, but it would be
> interesting background reading.  The two chapters are "Organizing
> for Housing Development" and "Expanding Impact Through Advocacy
> and Policy Campaigns."  Andrew Mott authored this study, and I'd
> expect you can get a copy from him, (202) 822-6006.  I also have
> a couple of copies.  
> Jeff Pinzino
> jpinzino at woodsfund.org <mailto:jpinzino at woodsfund.org> 

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