new book: Voluntarism, Community Life and the American Ethic

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Fri Jul 23 07:48:12 CDT 2004

[ed:  Congratulations to Robert on his new book.]

From: Robert Ogilvie <rogilvie at>

At the risk of immodesty, I would like to inform you all about the
publication of my new book - Voluntarism, Community Life and the
American Ethic.

It has been published by Indiana University Press.

Here is the cover blurb.

Why do people volunteer, and what motivates them to stick with it?
How do local organizations create community? How does voluntary
participation foster moral development in volunteers to create a
better citizenry? In this fascinating study of volunteers at the
Partnership for the Homeless in New York City, Robert S. Ogilvie
provides bold and engaging answers to these questions. He describes
how volunteer programs such as the Partnership generate ethical
development in and among participants and how the Partnership's
volunteers have made it such a continued success since the early
1980s. Ogilvie's examination of voluntarism suggests that the
American ethic is essential for sustaining community life and to the
future well-being of a democratic society.

Here is the web link to Indiana University Press.



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