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Exclusion, Displacement and Resistance

Call for submissions!

Neighborhood Threats: Exclusion, Displacement and Resistance will be 
an anthology of writing chronicling the on-going fights against 
gentrification and world wide displacement.  We are inviting 
submissions of top-quality writing on the subject, due no later than 
March 1, 2004.  


1) This book is designed as a tool for communities and organizers. Be
accessible in your writing style.  If one needs three college degrees to
decipher your writing, we won’t accept it.

2)   Illustrate larger political issues through stories of everyday people
	and how they react/organize to the threat of displacement.

3) Deal honestly with class, race and gender issues.

4) Be partisan. Have a point-of-view.

5) Draw lessons that others can benefit from.

The book will be roughly divided into the following sections 1) How 
gentrification happens 2) Case-studies of organizing against 
displacement 3) Alternative visions of the city.  

Don’t even think about submitting anything after the deadline,

Submit via-email to James Tracy <right2aroof at>

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