a new worm is out

colist at comm-org.utoledo.edu colist at comm-org.utoledo.edu
Tue Jan 27 09:17:12 CST 2004


There is a new worm that has effected many of your computers.  This 
one is more politically correct than most, as it takes over your computer 
to send a "denial of service" attack against a company that is trying to 
sue to stop open source software.  But it is nonetheless disruptive, and 
COMM-ORG is being inundated with worm messages.

A bunch of you haven't updated your anti-virus software, and are 
probably using Outlook and have it set to preview mode.  In addition, 
this worm spoofs the "from" address to look like people you know to 
trick you into opening attachments you should not open.

As usual, the best fix is to not use Outlook, or at least set it to not 
preview messages and make sure your anti-virus software is fully up to 
date.  Since all COMM-ORG messages are stopped at the server, pass 
through two server filters, and are hand-copied as text-only files into list 
messages, the list should be safe.  But that is not to say that you 
wouldn't get an infected message *saying* it is from colist.  So, at this 
point, confirm any attachment you get from anyone.  COMM-ORG never 
sends out attachments.

More information on this new worm is available at:



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