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Sun Jan 25 09:01:50 CST 2004

[ed:  we discuss evaluation from time to time on the list.  Margaret's 
query is a new angle on the issue.  Please feel welcomed to copy the 
list with your responses.]

From: Margaret Mount <blackbeans at gofairtrade.net>

Hello, I have just signed up for this list serve and look forward to the e-
mails and information I will be receiving. I do already have a question 
for you all. I am currently finishing up my MSW degre and plan to 
pursue a career in organizing when I finish. My advisor is 
recommending that I take a course in Social Service Program 
Evaluation. Basically, it will involve a great deal of quantitative research 
including surveys and statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of these 
programs. If it would really help the community organizations that I work 
for in the future, I would be willing to put myself through the class, but I 
sincerely have my doubts about how much it will relate to the sorts of 
evaluations that organizers are involved in.  If anyone could give me 
any advice about this, I would so appreciate it. Thank you and I look 
forward to your responses.  

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