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[ed:  thanks to Arthur for replying to Stephanie's query.]

From: Arthur Keene <keene at anthro.umass.edu>

Try  the video, The Rough Side of The Mountain which looks at the work 
of the Ivanhoe Civic League.  It;s a nice accompaniment to the book  It 
Comes From the People, (Hinsdale, Lewis and Waller) Temple U. Press.  
Describes the grassroots efforts of the ICL to organize and revitalize 
a deindustrialized community in Appalachia.

Video is by Appalshop.  (www.appalshop.org).



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> From:           	Stephanie Page <stephknits at yahoo.com>
> A community development organization in Fitchburg,
> Massachusetts recently made a professional video of an
> effective local organizing campaign. The film
> demonstrates the ability of CDC's to organize as part
> of affordable housing development, and the video
> clearly demonstrates leadership and power of a
> community base, strategy, tensions with the city and
> administrative/development staff, and many other
> elements of the campaign.
> I have been researching similar films and their use,
> and the interest of funders in films. The information
> has been limited. (However, there has been a lot of
> good information on the Dudley Street video.) What do
> people think? Does anybody have any good examples of
> the use of videos? Are they mainly used as training
> tools? How do funders regard videos? Is there grant
> support for their use?
> I appreciate any feedback.
> Stephanie Page
> Organizing Consultant
> Lunenburg, MA 
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