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From: StephenMeacham at aol.com

To Portland City Life is engaged in extensive affordable housing 
organizing.   We focus on tenants rights work, tenant organizing.   We
negotiate collective bargaining agreements with landlords to limit rent
increases and evictions.   Policy goals supported by a city-wide
coalition, the Boston Tenant Coalition, include rent regulation and focus
on permanent, out of the market affordability.   Many documents 


From: Roberto Bustillo <jrbustillo58 at yahoo.com>

Hi Kelly:

You may want to check our new web site:


Let me tell you that organizing in housing issues is a rewarding 
experience due to the fact that you can see changes in the way tenants 
are living.  

I hope you will enjoy this work.


From: Harold Simon <hsimon at nhi.org>

Dear Kelly,

For many years Shelterforce has written about organizing and housing 
and sometimes organizing around housing. Most of our articles are on 
line and you can see our organizing articles and columns collected at:  


Good luck.


> From: "oso & angel" <angel at spiritone.com>
> Hi everyone!
> I am looking for any free materials, resources, advice, ideas or
> wisdom, related to affordable housing advocacy, and ORGANIZING
> around affordable housing issues in particular.  
> I have a fair amount of experience doing organizing generally on
> a range of issues using various models, but not a whole lot of
> background on this topic and it's particular challenges...  
> I just got hired as an affordable housing organizer for a very
> NEW project just outside Portland, Oregon.  It is only funded for
>  5 months , so I'd really like to hit the ground running, and I
> hate to (unneccesarily) reinvent the wheel.   
> Please send me ANYTHING you feel might be useful, and I can
> certainly provide greater detail for anyone interested that.  
> Thanks SO Much,
> Kelly Caldwell
> Angel at spiritone.com
> 503-239-5679
> 4615 SE Sherman
> Portland OR 97215
> a quick aside :
> I first signed onto this list 5 years ago as an activist/grad
> student, and have been subscribed off and on ever since. Mostly
> I've just skimmed the messages and used the website as a
> resource.   
> I am providing the  link to my Masters Project just in case
> anyone might find it interesting: The Healthy Neighborhoods
> Project: A Community Organizing and Development Model for
> Portland, Oregon. Online at www.eastportlandcohousing.org/hnp  
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