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[ed:  congratulations to Kris on the publication of her book.]
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I am pleased to announce the publication of my book on models of
community organizing, Democracy in Action: Community Organizing
and Urban Change (Columbia University Press, December 2003). 
Here's a brief summary from the book's back cover:
In cities across the United States, grassroots organizations are
working to revitalize popular participation in disenfranchised
communities by bringing ordinary people into public life. By
engaging local residents in collective action to achieve common
goals, community organizing expands the democratic process and
enables people to create strong communities that serve their
This book examines the techniques these organizations use to
achieve their goals. Through the stories of ten organizations
working in economically and racially diverse urban neighborhoods
(in Chicago and Portland, Oregon) Democracy in Action explores
the strengths and limitations of the five dominant models of
community organizing in use today: power-based,
community-building, civic, women-centered, and transformative.
Based on original empirical research, the book combines in-depth
analysis with invaluable lessons for practitioners. 
"Democracy in Action is both a splendid critical analysis of the
value and power of community organizing and a practical guide to
the efficacy of various models of community organizing.
Invaluable for a broad audience concerned with grassroots civic
renewal." - Robert Fisher, author of Let the People Decide:
Neighborhood Organizing in America
Chapter 1: Popular Democracy and Urban Change    
Chapter 2: Models of Community Organizing: An Overview    
Chapter 3: Building Individual Capacity: Developing Local Leaders
Chapter 4: Building Community Capacity: Networks and Social
Chapter 5: Building a Community Governance Structure    
Chapter 6: Diagnosing and Framing the Community's Problems    
Chapter 7: Taking Action: Strategies and Outcomes    
Chapter 8: Widening the Scope: Organizing for Broader Social
Chapter 9: Conclusion: Lessons Learned    
Democracy in Action: Community Organizing and Urban Change can be
ordered from the publisher (Columbia University Press), from
online booksellers like and, and is also
available at bookstores.

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