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Tue Jan 20 21:16:45 CST 2004

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From: "oso & angel" <angel at spiritone.com>

Hi everyone!

I am looking for any free materials, resources, advice, ideas or wisdom, 
related to affordable housing advocacy, and ORGANIZING around 
affordable housing issues in particular.  

I have a fair amount of experience doing organizing generally on a 
range of issues using various models, but not a whole lot of background 
on this topic and it's particular challenges...  

I just got hired as an affordable housing organizer for a very NEW 
project just outside Portland, Oregon.  It is only funded for  5 months , 
so I'd really like to hit the ground running, and I hate to (unneccesarily) 
reinvent the wheel.   

Please send me ANYTHING you feel might be useful, and I can 
certainly provide greater detail for anyone interested that.  

Thanks SO Much,
Kelly Caldwell
Angel at spiritone.com
4615 SE Sherman
Portland OR 97215

a quick aside :

I first signed onto this list 5 years ago as an activist/grad student, and 
have been subscribed off and on ever since. Mostly I've just skimmed 
the messages and used the website as a resource.   

I am providing the  link to my Masters Project just in case anyone might 
find it interesting: The Healthy Neighborhoods Project: A Community 
Organizing and Development Model for Portland, Oregon. Online at 

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