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From:           	Stephanie Page <stephknits at yahoo.com>

A community development organization in Fitchburg,
Massachusetts recently made a professional video of an
effective local organizing campaign. The film
demonstrates the ability of CDC's to organize as part
of affordable housing development, and the video
clearly demonstrates leadership and power of a
community base, strategy, tensions with the city and
administrative/development staff, and many other
elements of the campaign.

I have been researching similar films and their use,
and the interest of funders in films. The information
has been limited. (However, there has been a lot of
good information on the Dudley Street video.) What do
people think? Does anybody have any good examples of
the use of videos? Are they mainly used as training
tools? How do funders regard videos? Is there grant
support for their use?

I appreciate any feedback.

Stephanie Page
Organizing Consultant
Lunenburg, MA 


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