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[ed:  Richard also expresses interest in Steve's query.  Others?]

From: Richard L Wood <rlwood at unm.edu>

All: As somebody who writes about organizing, not a practitioner, I think 
this is a really important inquiry: the "oral culture" of organizing varies 
widely in the best approaches to mentoring, and little's been written 
about it. It'd be interesting to hear folks' views, maybe have someone 
do some research with experienced lead organizers and write up some 
of the varying practices and ideas in the field. A thought, anyway. 

Rich Wood  

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> [ed: Steve invites us to discuss questions of both identity and
> practice of being an organizing mentor.]
> From: "Steve Taylor" <steve at miltoxproj.org>
> Hello all -
> At some point in my life and my career as an organizer, I seem to
> have changed from being someone who had mentors and was primarily
> focused on learning knowledge and skills into someone who also
> mentors others and tries to pass on knowledge and skills. This
> has naturally come as somewhat of a challenge for me, and I do
> struggle a bit with the balance between encouraging others and
> letting them make their own decisions and mistakes, but also
> trying to help things go well and offer my own suggestions when
> appropriate.  
> So I'm very interested in what other people's experiences have
> been as mentors and teachers of organizers (both paid and
> unpaid), as well as what people's experiences have been as
> learners and mentees (is that a word?). (And naturally I
> recognize that we all do learn from each other, regardless of our
> backgrounds, experience, etc.)  
> Any advice or perspectives about all this would be much
> appreciated and I think helpful to the list at large.  
> Steve Taylor
> National Organizer
> Military Toxics Project
> 207-783-5091 (phone)
> www.miltoxproj.org
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