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[ed:  thanks to Gillian for responding to Kay's query.]

From: Gilkaye at aol.com

The Intstitute for Community Peace (formerly the National Funding 
Collaborative on Violence Prevention) has funded and supported eight 
collaboratives throughout the country who have worked on a wide 
variety of violence prevention issues over the past seven years.  At 
least two the collaboratives have focused on domestice violence and 
family violence prevention.  These are community driven collaboratives 
who have a good mix of service providers and grassroots folks and all 
have a city-wide or county-wide focus.  A good mix of urban and rural.  
The Institute has done substantial national and local evaluation on all 
of these collaboratives over the years and have lots of lessons learned 
and information on what these folks have done and how they've done it.  

Their website is www.peacebeyondviolence.org.  Hope this is helpful.

Gillian Kaye
Senior Associate
Association for the Study and Development of Community

> From:           	"Kay Hannan" <drkay at elvis.com>
> Could anyone direct me to models where communities have
> mobilised to address dysfunction in families?
> I am looking for models that have addressed/are
> addressing factors that impact on family life.. be it
> domestic violence, drug, alcohol or gambling abuse,
> sexual abuse, child molestation or negligence or any
> other factors you know of which may have contributed to
> family breakdown.
> It is the nature of the model, and its ability to be
> tailored to my specific local situation which interests
> me.
> Many thanks
> Kay
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