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Sun Jan 11 12:32:38 CST 2004

From:           	"Yomi Noibi" <yomi at>

Hello Friends:

ECO-ACTION is accepting application for Training The Trainer
Series Class of 2004. Find attached  training information and
application form, which are also contained below the line in this
email. Please share information with other groups and individuals
that may be interested in this training. Deadline for submitting
application is February 12, 2004. If you have any question about
the training, please call me at 404-584-6499 or email me at
yomi at

Thank you for your cooperation.


Yomi Noibi
Director of Training
Environmental Community Action Inc.
44 Broad Street, Suite 711
Atlanta, GA 30303

Email: yomi at

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WHAT Training the Trainer Series is a year-long, four (4) weekend
seminar, leadership development learning initiative for social
change, which has been offered since 1999. The training is
designed to deepen participants’ consciousness for social justice
and strengthen their capacity to transfer learning to others as
part of a broader social movement for positive social change. WHO
Members/staff of community-based groups, youth groups,
environmental/social justice groups and other people working for
positive social change. HOW TO APPLY If you want to participate
in Training the Trainer Series, Class of 2004, please call or
email for a application*: yomi at or 404-584-6499. In
submitting an application form on or before February 12, 2004 you
agree to: ?	Attend all four seminars beginning with Seminar I,
March 26-28, 2004, in Atlanta.

?	Pay training fee of Seven hundred dollars ($700.00) on a
sliding for training materials, 	lodging, meals for each seminar
per person. Groups with annual budget of less than $200, 	000
will be required to submit a budget or financial statement in
order to qualify for the 	sliding scale fee.

?	Plan and implement Seminar IV in order to demonstrate 
of learning by teaching.

?	Provide your own transportation to training site or carpool
with other participants.

?	Participate in oral/written interview and evaluation of

?	Commit to transfer what you have learned to other people.

?	Willingness to be open in working with a diverse group of

* Where applicable, see application form in attachment or next
page and you may visit ECO-Action’s website <>
for additional information.

Application Form 2004


Group Affiliation


City__________________________ State______ ____Zip


Home phone (      )_________ Work
(      )_________Fax)____________________



Please complete the application form and return to ECO-Action as
soon as possible. The training is limited to 15 participants.
Total training fee per person for the entire yearlong series,
which includes four (4) weekend seminars, is $700.00.

Registration fee must be paid upon acceptance into the Training
Series. ECO-Action will provide training materials, lodging, and
meals for each seminar. Installment payment plan can be arranged.
Groups with annual budgets of less than $200,000 can apply for a
discounted training fee. Call the office for more details.

Please provide us with information about your organization and
yourself. Attach an additional sheet of paper if needed.

1.  What does your organization do?

2.  What are the main issues or campaigns that your organization
is working on at this time?

3. What do you do for the organization?

4.  Why do you want to participate in the Training the Trainers

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