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Sun Jan 11 12:29:57 CST 2004

[ed:  thanks to Robert for replying to Kay's query.]

From: Roberto Bustillo <jrbustillo58 at yahoo.com>

Hi all:
I don't know if this link may help you as a start point:
COFI is an organization who worked with families not on the specific 
issues but at least is a good reading to take in consideration
Roberto Bustillo, Community Organizer
Los Angeles

> From:           	"Kay Hannan" <drkay at elvis.com>
> Could anyone direct me to models where communities have
> mobilised to address dysfunction in families?
> I am looking for models that have addressed/are
> addressing factors that impact on family life.. be it
> domestic violence, drug, alcohol or gambling abuse,
> sexual abuse, child molestation or negligence or any
> other factors you know of which may have contributed to
> family breakdown.
> It is the nature of the model, and its ability to be
> tailored to my specific local situation which interests
> me.
> Many thanks
> Kay
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