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[ed:  thanks to Mark for replying to Mirella's query.]

From: "Mark R. Warren" <warrenma at gse.harvard.edu>

Dear Mirella,

The most recent issue of Perspectives on Politics (Vol. 1 Number 4, 
Dec. 2003) has a symposium consisting of several articles by scholars 
reflecting on Piven and Cloward's book. You might find them helpful. 
Good luck, Mark Warren  

> From: Mirella Landriscina <landrisc at ssc.upenn.edu>
> Dear Members,
> Hello, I am a new subscriber to this list.  I learned about this
> just yesterday and am happy to know that something like this
> exists.  I'm looking forward to reading the posts!
> I am hoping someone out there might be able to give me a lead on
> any literature that critically examine's Piven and Cloward's
> mobilization strategy, which they described in "A Strategy to End
> Poverty" and in Poor People's Movements.  
> In the book, Piven and Cloward outline the criticisms they
> immediately received when they posed their strategy to activists
> at the time.  Have those criticisms ever been echoed in any
> scholarly work?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mirella Landriscina
> University  of Pennsylvania
> Department of Sociology
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