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New Opportunity: 
M.A. in Community Development and Planning (CDP)

Clark University's master's program in Community Development and
Planning provides up and coming community development
practitioners with a strong foundation--based on theory, skill
development, and practice--to take on the challenges of urban
neighborhood revitalization.  It offers concrete skills and
hands-on training in areas such as geographic information
systems, community development finance, nonprofit management,
project analysis and evaluation.  Students benefit from a unique
interdisciplinary approach to community development that
integrates the perspectives and ideas of the other IDCE programs:
 Environmental Science and Policy, Geographical Information
Systems for Development and Environment, and International
Development and Social Change. The new application deadline for
Fall 2004: February 15, 2004. To learn more, visit
 For information and application, please e-mail idce at
<mailto:idce at>  or call 508-793-7201.

(Additional Information)
The CDP Program offers core courses in Community Development and
Planning Theory, Community Development Finance, Youth and
Community Development, and Research and Project Evaluation
Methods.  Our students gain practical skills through the
following four activities: 1)	Individual student research on
issues of interest to local organizations, 2)	Graduate student
internships that assist local organizations in ongoing work and
projects 3)	The semester-long CDP Practicum, in which a team of
graduate students, guided by a faculty member, work with a local
organization to design and implement a project of interest to
that organization, and  4)	Ongoing independent research on 
issues, conducted by CDP students and faculty, for instance, CDP
graduate students work on the Worcester Education Partnership, a
multi-year project funded by a Carnegie grant to implement
systemic education reform in the City's secondary schools.

Please pass this information on to any community development
practitioners whom you believe would be interested in this
master's degree program. For applications and details , please
e-mail idce at <mailto:idce at>  or call call 

About IDCE [International Development, Community, and Environment
]  ( general) In one closely knit department*International
Development, Community, and Environment (IDCE)*students are able
to benefit from four interdisciplinary graduate programs:
Community Development & Planning, Environmental Science & Policy,
International Development & Social Change, and Geographic
Information Sciences for Development & Environment. 

IDCE focuses on the human and ecological dimensions of managing
resources for sustainable development. Programs build a solid
theoretical base and an interdisciplinary skill set including:
project design and management, risk analysis, GIS, conflict
mediation, environmental and social impacts assessment,
development in conflict and post-conflict situations, and
local-level institution building.

IDCE derives much of its energy and  scope from the unique
interaction among the faculty and students with diverse views,
expertise and field experience from around the world. IDCE
programs attract a dynamic student body from more than 20
different countries who share experiences and learn from one

Intellectual vigor, diverse backgrounds, and a deep commitment to
addressing global issues of justice, equity, and environmental
sustainability characterize IDCE students and faculty. Eager to
link theory and practice, IDCE graduates turn their ideals into
action, facilitating social change in the U.S. and overseas. 
Whether evaluating educational reform in Worcester secondary
schools, creating micro-finance opportunities in Asia, using GIS
to predict impact of land use on watersheds, or organizing
neighborhood revitalization in Massachusetts inner cities, IDCE
graduates pursue careers on the forefront of change.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Kris Allen, IDCE Marketing and Publications Manager

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