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Position Open For A National Immigrant Rights Organizer

Join a diverse and aggressive team of organizers and policy staff
at the National Training and Information Center that is leading
the movement to fight back against the post-9/11 anti-immigrant
backlash.  While others across the country continue to tell us
that the only hope for immigrant families is to adopt a "victim"
mentality, NTIC organizations take a different approach: 
mobilized power through organizing is essential to make sure that
new Americans' contributions to this country's economy, cultural
and social well-being are recognized.

As part of an ongoing campaign, the National Immigrant Rights
Organizer will work part-time (10-20 hours/wk, increasing, with
potential for full-time hire) to organize community organizations
from across the country to address the issue of access to higher
education for immigrant students, access to safe and secure
identification, an end to federal policies that support the
targeted racial profiling of immigrant families by local law
enforcement, immigrant worker abuses and to hold the banks and
corporations that benefit from immigrant economic investment
accountable to supporting the immigrants that support them.  The
ultimate goal:  a broad and comprehension legalization that
recognizes the reality of immigrant presence in the U.S. and the
vital role immigrants play in our society.

At NTIC, you will not be a spokesperson that advocates for
immigrant issues. You will work directly with the immigrant
families and their allies most directly affected by the issue,
with the ultimate goal of building strong leaders, strong direct
action organizations and positive solutions to our country's
burning immigration questions.

Job Description
§         Locate and recruit community organizations that are
actively identifying immigrant leadership and working with
immigrants to address the issues that affect them.

§         Provide training, technical assistance and research to
develop local strategies to win tangible local, state and
national policy change and resource reallocation.

§         Become an expert on the DREAM Act, Student Adjustment
Act, Immigration Enforcement and Policing Policy, The Matricula
and other forms of Foreign Identification, Banking the New
Immigrant Population, Legalization and broad issues of social and
economic justice for immigrants.

§         Coordinate groups in the NTIC Network that are working
on immigrant rights issues.

§         Work as part of the NTIC team of multi-issue

§         Grant writing and fundraising for the immigrant rights
organizing project.

§         At least 2 years community, union, political or issue
organizing experience preferred.

§         Ability to research, understand and simplify national

§         Grant writing and fundraising experience.

§         Willing to travel.

§         A good listener.

§         Not afraid of confrontation.

§         Likes to win.

§         The Position will be filled, in the short-term, on a
contractual 4-month, part-time basis, leading up to the
NTIC-facilitated National Neighborhoods Conference, March 27-29,
with the option for full-time long-term employment pending
successful completion of duties.

§         Competitive per-hour compensation, based on experience.

About the National Training and Information Center
NTIC is a 30-year old training and resource center for community
organizations that are dedicated to direct action organizing.
NTIC works with hundreds of community organizations from across
the country on issues such as reinvestment, predatory lending,
housing, education, youth, neighborhood safety and immigrant
rights. To learn more about NTIC, please visit our website at

Send resume and cover letter to:

Aaron Wagner, National Training and Information Center, 810 N.
Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60622 or email aaron at

Deadline for Application

Applications, including resume and cover letter, should be mailed
to NTIC no later than Wednesday, JANUARY 14, 2004.

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