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February 25, 2004

Dear Comm-List Colleagues:

We are pleased to share with you some three important reporting 
documents that the Ricanne Hadrian Initiative for Community 
Organizing (RHICO) has just produced. RHICO is a joint program of the 
Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations 
(MACDC) and the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC-Boston). 
RHICO was created to improve and enhance the ability of CDCs to 
represent disenfranchised communities through the integration of 
organizing and development in order to build community and 
organizational power. 

We hope you will take the time to look at these three reports. These 
reportsy offer a snapshot into the exciting, rich and challenging world of 
CDC organizing:  

·An Overview of RHICO: Massachusetts CDCs Organizing for Change

·Behind the Organizing: Measuring CDC Progress
RHICO is one of the first groups in the country As one of the few groups 
in the country to do so, RHICO attempting to capture the impact of CDC 
organizing using quantitative measurements. RHICO CDCs that are 
working to integrate organizing and housing development strategies are 
showing increases in the number of produced and preserved housing 
units, new leaders and active members, and policy victories for their 

·CDC Stories of Change
Using qualitative accounts, this document brings to light the work of 
RHICO CDCs. Stories range from community leaders struggling to build 
not just more affordable housing, but housing that reflects their 
community's vision to CDCs that are engaging neighborhood residents 
while challenging themselves to be more democratic organizations. 

Please use the links below to download these reports and learn more 
about RHICO; scroll down to "for more information" on each page 

--RHICO Overview 

--Behind the Organizing 
--CDC Stories of Change 

We welcome  your comments and questions. If you would like 
additional information about RHICO, please feel free to contact me.


Nancy Marks
Director of Organizing, MACDC
99 Chauncy St., 5th fl.
Boston, MA 02111
617.426.0303 x25
nancym at

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