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The Sonora Fund, a new community foundation in southern Arizona
that raises funds and makes grants for progressive social change,
is seeking a part-time Director to work on a consultant basis.
This is an executive-level position that requires significant
leadership experience.

During its first year, the Fund will concentrate primarily on
fundraising in order to meet our goal of distributing $100,000 in
grants to progressive social change organizations in the
Arizona-Sonora border region.

Core values of the Sonora Fund
The Fund will support progressive social change activism (rather
than direct human services). The Fund’s grantmaking will be
activist- and community-directed: people on the “front lines”
will make decisions about where the money goes. At least fifty
percent of the Fund’s leadership will be made up of people of
color or recent immigrants. The Fund will build a broad-based,
multi-faceted movement in which the interconnections between
issues are recognized. Donor activists and community activists
will work in tandem, deliberately participating in creative
engagement around the ways in which class backgrounds operate
within philanthropy.

Job Duties
Supporting a board of directors and various volunteer committees;
coordinating the fundraising activities of the board and
volunteers; overseeing donor relations; establishing fundraising
systems and a database; overseeing the development of
communications materials; serving as community spokesperson for
the Fund; handling administrative duties and managing finances.
There are no other paid staff members.

Required Skills & Experience
·	Fundraising	·	Board management
·	Volunteer management	·	Nonprofit leadership
·	Community organizing	·	Social change activism
·	Public relations	·	Administrative & computer skills
·	Knowledge of the Arizona/Sonora border region	·	
language skills (preferred)

Personal Characteristics of a Successful Candidate
·	Committed to progressive social change	·	Flexible
·	Pragmatic yet visionary	·	Good communicator & listener
·	Articulate	·	Enjoys interacting with a diversity of 
·	Engaging & friendly	·	Willingness to perform 

$20/hour for 20 hours per week. This is a consulting job, with
good potential over a period of time to become a regular salaried
position with full benefits. Candidates must be able and willing
to work from home.

To Apply
Send a cover letter and resume via email (as a Word attachment)
to shannoncain at  People of color, women and lgbt people
are encouraged to apply.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2004


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