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Subject: DataCenter Job Announcement - Information Activist

job announcement

Economic Justice Program

Full-time Position (1 FTE), Oakland-based.
Salary: $41,000 plus vacation, health, dental, vision, 
chiropractic/acupuncture (inc. domestic partners)
People of color strongly encouraged to apply.

Are you passionate about working for social justice? Do you love
doing research? Do you want to help organizations use research to
devise strategies, win campaigns, and build the social justice
movement? If you answered "yes," we may have the job for you!

The DataCenter seeks an experienced researcher to collaborate
with economic justice groups across the country, especially those
with bases among no- and low-income communities and communities
of color, using research to build more successful campaigns.
Working within our Economic Justice Program, the researcher will
develop and conduct research projects, document and present
research findings, provide research trainings to community-based
groups, develop training materials and research guides, and
assist groups in utilizing research to strategize and strengthen
their campaigns. Our approach combines professional-level
research services with popular education training and campaign

The DataCenter is a multi-racial activist research organization.
Our Economic Justice program focuses on contingent work and
welfare issues. Organizations we work with include CAAAV:
Organizing Asian Communities, Domestic Workers United, Families
United for Racial and Economic Equality, La Mujer Obrera,
LIFETIME, National Day Laborer Organizing Network, North American
Alliance for Fair Employment, Southwest Network for Environmental
&Economic Justice, Strategic Action for a Just Economy. Other
DataCenter programs: Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice,
Youth Strategy Project. 

Our organizational culture is participatory; staff members are
expected to play an active role in developing the organization.
Applicants should demonstrate a solid understanding of economic
justice issues (e.g. low &no wage work, welfare, day labor,
housing, development, globalization), as well as awareness of and
openness to working across issue areas, in particular criminal

What we're looking for:
* Creative, inquisitive spirit with a commitment to justice. *
Solid research experience (e.g. campaign or union research,
community or grassroots research, journalism, or academic
research on social issues): designing research projects,
conducting research, publishing or presenting research findings.
* Strong quantitative experience (e.g. statistical analysis,
spreadsheet manipulation, working with large data sets). *
Demonstrated ability to coordinate projects and to develop
organizational relationships. * Fluent in reading and writing
Spanish; experience working within Latina/o communities.
Competent at working within diverse cultural communities. *
Familiarity with grassroots organizing. Experience with campaign
strategy desirable. * Experience with or understanding of
organizational development issues. * Excellent oral and written
communication skills. * Computer and Internet skills. Lexis/Nexis
research experience desirable. * Training experience, preferably
rooted in popular education methods. * Able to make a three year

Please send resume and cover letter to: Economic Justice Hiring
Committee, DataCenter, 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 900, Oakland,
CA 94612-2912 USA. Please no phone calls, faxes, or emails. See for additional
program information. 

Applications due February 27, 2004. 

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