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[ed:  thanks to Gordon for replying to Randy's query.]

From: "Gordon Mayer" <gorkay at core.com>


Check out Iowa CCI at http://www.iowacci.org/rural/ruraldrugs.htm.

Another source for information is NTIC, www.ntic-us.org; i believe the 
neighborhood safety organizing manual they put out discusses the issue. 

Gordon Mayer

> From: Ranmyiccs at aol.com
> I'm looking for examples of small rural communities doing
> successful grassroots organizing campaigns in response to the
> drug trafficking culture.
> I'm a community organizer with Illinois Coalition for Community
> Services in central IL.  Of the six counties I work, each one has
> a Meth trade that is out of control.  To top things off, most of
> our local municipalities are facing budget cuts and are not
> hiring drug enforcement personnel, even seeing the ranks of
> regular police reduced through attrition.  
> While community service programs of prevention are somewhat
> helpful and educational, they are not really making it well.
> There is a real feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness in the
> face of the situation.   
> So what are some ways COs are working from the grassroots, 
> empowering people to address the problem?  
> Thanks for any direction or examples you can give me.
> Peace,
> Randy Myers
> Tallgrass Area Project
> Illinois Coalition for Community Services
> Ranmyiccs at aol.com
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