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Job Title: Parent Involvement and Leadership Facilitator
Organization: Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
Location: Redwood City, CA - Fair Oaks School
Salary: $34,000 - $38,000
FT  Regular

Job Description:
Brief description of position:
The Parent Involvement and Leadership Facilitator, an employee of
the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC), works at Fair
Oaks Elementary School (K-5) in Redwood City and in the
surrounding community under the supervision of the Executive
Director of PCRC and in close coordination with the Coordinator
of the Fair Oaks Family Resource Center.  This is a full time

The Fair Oaks Parent Involvement and Leadership Facilitator works
closely with facilitators located at other local Family Center
sites in Redwood City School District. This team works together
to achieve the following broad goals: 

1. An increase in the frequency of parent involvement at the
school and in the community, 2. An increase in the quality of
parent involvement at the school and in the community, 3. An
increase in parent attendance and participation in educational
opportunities at the school 4. An increase in parentsí comfort
and confidence in the school environment 5. An enhanced parent
understanding of the school system and the support services
available at the school.    

Primary Responsibilities:
&#8721; Facilitate meetings/group sessions with parents,
community members, and other appropriate stakeholders help to
plan parent/school/communityñinitiated projects and to address
key school and community issues &#8721; Facilitate
problem-solving and conflict resolution when needed among
parents, school staff, and community members by bringing all
necessary parties together to work toward mutually acceptable
solutions and, when appropriate, using the resources offered
through PCRC. &#8721; Support and promote parent involvement in
leadership and decision-making bodies at the school site (i.e.
School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee,
Parent/Teacher Groups) as well as other activities that help
parents develop leadership skills.  &#8721; Facilitate parent
support and involvement in special events sponsored by Fair Oaks
School. &#8721; Initiate and support outreach efforts to engage
non-involved and under-involved parents to increase parent
participation in school and community activities. &#8721; Support
school outreach activities to maintain productive and ongoing
communication among school staff, parents, and community members,
promoting the strengthening of the home-school-community
partnership. &#8721; Address the educational needs of parents and
community members by supporting and facilitating adult
educational activities and projects at the school site, such as
English as a Second Language classes, parent information
meetings, literacy nights, and parent education workshops.  
&#8721; Work closely and collaboratively with school staff and
administration to create a school environment that welcomes
parent and community participation.  &#8721; Document and
evaluate the program according to agreed upon goals and
objectives and make suggestions for improvement as needed.       
                        &#8721; Other duties as assigned.

Background and skill requirements:
&#8721; Bachelor's degree or equivalent in related field of
endeavor &#8721; Successful experience in a community, school or
non-profit setting &#8721; Demonstrated initiative and strong
organizational skills &#8721; Successful experience working
independently and in a team setting &#8721; Flexibility and
openness to feedback &#8721; Ability to function effectively in a
complex and sometimes ambiguous environment &#8721; Excellent 
communication (verbal and written) skills in English and Spanish
&#8721; High level of cultural competence and commitment to
working with Latino population &#8721; Ability to build
collaborative working relationships with parents and other
persons from diverse backgrounds &#8721; Ability to remain
neutral and professional in emotionally charged situations
&#8721; Consistent and responsible follow-through on tasks and
duties &#8721; Willingness to promote the integrity and
neutrality of PCRC &#8721; Knowledge and skill with computer word
processing and data base management

Salary $34,000 - $38,000, depending on skills and experience. 
Health and dental benefits are included.

Valid CA Driver's License and at least minimum automobile
insurance coverage

PCRC is an equal opportunity employer.  Employment decisions are
made on the basis of merit.  We want to have the best available
person in every position.  Our policy prohibits unlawful
discrimination based on race, color, creed, sex, religion,
marital status, age, national origin or ancestry, physical or
mental disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any
other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local
laws.  In addition, PCRC is working toward becoming an
organization that reflects the diverse demographic makeup of the
community we serve.

How to Apply:
Send resume and letter of interest to:

Patricia Brown, Executive Director
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
520 South El Camino Real, Suite 640 
San Mateo CA 94402
(650) 373-3490
FAX (650) 373-3495

Resume and letter should be received by PCRC by 5PM on February
20, 2004 Position will be open until filled. Preferred start
date:  March 15, 2004 Organization Web Site:

RESPOND TO: brownpcrc at 

Katie Howard
Manager, Civic Engagement Initiative
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center
Empowering people.  Building relationships.  Reducing violence.

520 South El Camino Real, Suite 640
San Mateo, CA 94402
Phone: 650-373-3490  :  Fax: 650-373-3495

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