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Application Deadline: March 15, 2004

The Institute for Community Research (ICR) in Hartford, CT is 
sponsoring "Crossroads: Critical Issues in Community-Based 
Research", a national conference that will critically explore issues 
related to community-based research partnerships, methodology, and 
methods of dissemination. The conference will take place June 10-13, 
2004 in Hartford, CT.  

ICR is currently accepting applications for workshop and panel 
discussion proposals that address how class, ethnicity, race, gender, 
culture and power impact research partnerships; gaps between 
communities and the institutions that serve them (e.g., schools, clinics, 
after-school programs, political representatives); and ways that 
participatory or collaborative research partnerships can remedy these 
and other cultural, health, environmental and economic policy oriented 

Recognizing that community-based collaborative research (CBCR) is a 
growing field, the conference is aimed at developing a critical analysis 
of current approaches which move us to the next level in improving our 
relationships and methods. The conference will explore and critique 
core dimensions of CBCR in the following areas: Theory, Ethics, 
Methods, Skills, Use of Research Results and Topical Issues. (See 
ps.htm for more information about Tracks and Session topics)  


Application Deadline: March 15, 2004

Your proposal application should include the following:

* Name(s) of presenters/session leaders
* Contact information (organization, address, phone/fax, email)
* Description/abstract of your presentation (no more than 400 words) 
that includes: title, topic to be covered and detailed description of 
format or outline of the presentation plan

Please indicate the Track and Session Title you are applying to as 
specified by the above list. If your proposal cuts across two or more 
session topics, or If you are applying for a session that is not listed 
above, please indicate this clearly on your application. See 
ps.htm for more information about Tracks, Session topics and 
application procedures.  

Your application may be submitted via email, mail or fax to:
Crossroads Conference Call for Proposals
Institute for Community Research
2 Hartford Square West, Suite 100
Hartford, CT 06106
Ph: 860-278-2044
Fax: 860-278-2141
Email: crossroads at

Note: If you are sending your application via email, please state
"Crossroads Presentation Proposal" in the subject line.

Questions? Contact crossroads at or call 860-278-2044 ext. 


Registration is now open for "Crossroads: Critical Issues in Community-
Based Research" June 10-13, 2004 Go to for more 
information about the conference and for registration information!  

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