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From: Amy Hubbard <ahubbarddc at yahoo.com>

I got my first organizing job (well I guess it was my
only one too, given that I left organizing full-time
after that) by taking the tried and true advice given
in "What Color is Your Parachute?"  I asked organizers
if I could interview them about their work to find out
what I needed to do to become an organizer.  Not too
long after that, one of the people I interviewed had
an opening for a secretary which she hired me for and
she allowed me to do organizing as part of my job. 
There are two key things here:  She knew me as a
volunteer in the anti-nuke movement and she knew I was
looking for a job so she gave me a call.  She knew
both that I was a credible candidate and that I was

In addition to looking for "entry-level" style job,
the best advice I can offer is to go out and meet
people who are already involved in organizing.  Do
"information interviewing" a la "Parachute."  Continue
to volunteer where you can.  When it comes to hiring,
it helps a lot if people already know who you are and
what you can do.  (Which of course is why this country
still needs affirmative action because it's always so
tempting to hire people just like ourselves, but
that's another story for another day...)  If people
see you can do the job, you may be able to get your
foot in the door.

Good luck!

Amy Hubbard
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> From: chobson at umich.edu
> Hi,
> I'm going to be graduting with an MSW in the spring and am
> gearing up for the job search.  When I see organizing jobs on
> this list, they all seem to require years of organizing
> experience which I don't have.  Can anyone suggest types of jobs
> that I should be concentrating on that will put me in a better
> position to apply to these jobs in the future?  
> Thanks,
> Craig Hobson - University of Michigan MSW Candidate
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