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[ed:  Kay's question may resonate with others, so I am posting it here 
as a response.]

From: "Kay Hannan" <drkay at>

Is there anything that people at a distance, like me,
can do?  


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> From:           	"Staudt, Kathleen" <kstaudt at>
> This year, anti-violence organizing all around the world for VDay
> will focus on Cd. Juarez, due to the continuing (over ten years)
> murders of girls and women (not to mention men!) with official
> neglect and overall impunity.  We are organizing VWeek events,
> and expect thousands to come to region for VDay itself. Eve
> Ensler is coming, as are several from the entertainment industry
> (Jane Fonda, etc.) as a show of solidarity. Could you post this
> to the listserv?  Thanks! Kathy I'll cut&paste it below too.
> V-Week UTEP February 9-15, 2004 Event Information 
> Contact information:
> Monica Ortiz: V-Week event coordinator
> monortiz at; (915)204-7286
> Julia Kokina: Sponsorship, Website coordinator
> juliakokina at 
> Georgina Hernandez: Production; Media contact
> cokina61 at; (915)747-5998
> Monday, February 9: Conference, "Ending the Violence: Spotlight
> on Ciudad Juárez" Sponsored by: University Democrats
>  Location: Tomas Rivera Conference Room- 3rd floor Union East
>  Description:  This will be an informational conference briefing
>  students on the murders of 	women in Ciudad Juárez.  Students
>  will hear from a panel of professors, activists, and other
>   professionals about what has gone on, what is taking place now,
>  and what they can do to help 	put an end to the violence.
>  Speaker List: 
>    Opening Welcome:
>  8:30 		Dr. Jon Amastae- Director of the Center for 
> InterAmerican
>  and 				Border Studies
>    10 years of Feminicide in Cd. Juárez
>  8:45- 9:10	Dr. Irasema Coronado- Political Science UTEP
>  9:15-9:40	Dr. Kathleen Staudt- Political Science UTEP
>  9:45-10:10	Dr. Cynthia Bejarano- Criminal Justice NMSU
>             The Crimes
>  10:15-10:40	Diana Washington Valdéz- El Paso Times
>  10:45-11:25	Andrea Baca- El Paso Police Department
>    Manuel Esparza- Women's Homicide Unit Cd. Juárez
>  11:30-12:00	Discussion
>  12:00-1:00	Break for Lunch
>    Social Change and Positive Action
>  1:15-1:40	Alyson Kozma-Amnesty International 
>  1:45-2:10	Dr. Martha Smithey- Sociology UTEP
>  2:15-2:40	Representative Norma Chavez- Texas House of
>  Representatives 
>    Men's Responsibility 
>  2:45-3:00	Victor Muñoz- co-chair Coalition Against Violence
>  Towards 				Women and Families at the 
> US-Mexico Border
>  3:00-3:15	Dave Jones- UTEP Student Development Center
>  3:15-4:00	Jose Avila- Center Against Family Violence
>               Andres Caro- Center Against Family Violence
>  4:00-5:00         Discussion
> Mariposa A
> Cruz
>  Place: Poliforo Juan Gabriel, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua             
>    Cost: Special Guests Appearances by: Jose Feliciano and
>  Alejandro Lerner Hector Bonilla, 	Rodrigo Vidal, Fernando Arau
>  and Jaime Almeida
> Tuesday, February 10, 2004: Anti-Violence Workshops
>  Anti-Violence Workshop hosted by David Jones of Student
>  Development Center Time: 6:00
> Location: University Suites, 3rd Floor Union East	
> Description:  This program will preview the social construction
> of masculinity through a film entitled Tough Guise, a film by
> Jackson Katz.  We will examine what men and women can do to
> re-norm misogynistic aspects of the masculinity construct.
> Participants in this program will walk away with the tools to
> actively intervene in the everyday situations.
> Wednesday, February 11, 2004: Film Night
>  Time: 7:00pm
>  Place: Union Cinema
>  Description: Four films will be screened along with discussion
>  with student directors Senorita Extraviada, by Lourdes Portillo
>  Silent Film, by Michael Torres
> Las Mujeres de Cd. Juárez: El Relato de las Mujeres Vivas, by
> Maria Salazar Tierra Prometida: by Angel Estrada
> Friday February 13, 2004: Film Screening 
>  Time: 7:00pm
>   Place: Union Cinema
>  Description: "Stages of Fear" touches upon three of the most
>  talked about problems in 	México: The murders of young women 
> in
>  the border city of Juárez (375 women in Ten Years), 	the
>  kidnapping business, and corruption in the Mexican Police.
>  "Stages of Fear" is a very 	realistic look at the "business" of
>  kidnapping in Mexico, as well as 	the lackadaisical attitude of
>   the Mexican Police towards the murders of many Mexican 
> women.	 
> Saturday February 14, 2004: Juárez Events & Protest
> 11:00 AM.- El Paso marchers meet at San Jacinto Plaza in Downtown
> El Paso. -Juárez- Eventos Todos Gratuitos- Lugar: Sala de Usos
> Múltiples de CCU (Plutarco Elías Calles y Hermanos Escobar) 10:00
> AM.- Conferencia "Violencia de Genero" Marcela Lagarde. 11:15 -
> Rueda de Prensa Lugar: Puente Internacional Lerdo 12:45 PM.-
> Reunión con gente del El Paso.  Bienvenida- Mónica Alicia Juárez
> Correa 1:00 - Inicio Marcha, partiendo del Puente Internacional
> Lerdo (Ave. Lerdo) a el Monumento a Benito       Juárez (Calle
> Vicente Guerrero y Constitución ). Lugar: Monumento Benito Juárez
> 2:00 - Celebración Ecuménica y "Un Minuto De Silencio Por La Paz"
> 2:45- Traslado a los Jardines Carta Blanca Salón "Moroccos" (Ave.
> Reforma #1688, Col. Barreal)- transportación disponible en
> autobús Lugar: Salón Moroccos 3:00- Módulos informativos. Habrá
> música y comida a precios módicos. 4:15- Poesía Coral de
> Estudiantes Universitarios de Cd. Juárez-El Paso. 4:30- "Los
> Monólogos de la Vagina" participando: Lilia Aragón, Laura Flores,
> Marinita Escobedo, Jane Fonda, Sally Field y Eve Ensler. Final-
> autobús disponible al Puente Lerdo.
> Sunday, February 15, 2004: The Vagina Monologues 
>  Time: 8:00 pm
>  Place: Magoffin Auditorium			   Special Appearance 
> by: Eve
>  Ensler Tickets:  $9.50 available through Ticketmaster
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