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[ed:  thanks to Mary for responding to Linda's query.]

From: nwbccc at igc.org

There are four basic areas of outcomes  

1) Base building - relationship building  

Can you quantify or demonstrate new members - either individuals 
through grassroots outreach - on the doors - in the lobbies - on the 
street or through institutions - #s of congregations, social service 
agencies, university programs etc.  

2) Leadership Development - how many leaders secured which skills -
not how many trainings they attended - which leaders -by name - did 
what - how did involvement I your organization change your leaders 

3) Concrete Victories - How much $$ did you squeeze from the capital 
budget? Which law got passed?  What reg got enforced?  What land 
use decision got changed? What property changed hands, what loan 
got made?????  How did power shift? Make sure you list the 
incremental steps  

4) Governance & Infrastructure - how is your organization challenging 
itself internally and how are new leaders - esp., poor people, involved 
in decision making  

Mary Dailey, NWBCCC

> From: "Linda Plitt Donaldson" <lp.donaldson at verizon.net>
> I am wondering what type of benchmarks people/organizations are
> using to measuring outcomes for community organizing. 
> Organizations/groups that I am working with have expressed a
> reluctance to hire an organizer partly because they're not sure
> how to demonstrate progress to funders and to Board members who
> are dubious about the "concrete" benefits of organizing.  
> What are people using to measure organizing outcomes, and does
> anyone know of any literature written about measuring outcomes in
> organizing?  
> Thanks.
> Linda Plitt Donaldson
> Catholic University
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