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This year, anti-violence organizing all around the world for VDay
will focus on Cd. Juarez, due to the continuing (over ten years)
murders of girls and women (not to mention men!) with official
neglect and overall impunity.  We are organizing VWeek events,
and expect thousands to come to region for VDay itself. Eve
Ensler is coming, as are several from the entertainment industry
(Jane Fonda, etc.) as a show of solidarity. Could you post this
to the listserv?  Thanks! Kathy I'll cut&paste it below too.

V-Week UTEP February 9-15, 2004 Event Information 

Contact information:
Monica Ortiz: V-Week event coordinator
monortiz at; (915)204-7286
Julia Kokina: Sponsorship, Website coordinator
juliakokina at 
Georgina Hernandez: Production; Media contact
cokina61 at; (915)747-5998

Monday, February 9: Conference, "Ending the Violence: Spotlight
on Ciudad Juárez" Sponsored by: University Democrats
 Location: Tomas Rivera Conference Room- 3rd floor Union East
 Description:  This will be an informational conference briefing
 students on the murders of 	women in Ciudad Juárez.  Students
 will hear from a panel of professors, activists, and other
 	professionals about what has gone on, what is taking place 
 and what they can do to help 	put an end to the violence.
 Speaker List: 
   Opening Welcome:
 8:30 		Dr. Jon Amastae- Director of the Center for 
 and 				Border Studies

   10 years of Feminicide in Cd. Juárez
 8:45- 9:10	Dr. Irasema Coronado- Political Science UTEP
 9:15-9:40	Dr. Kathleen Staudt- Political Science UTEP
 9:45-10:10	Dr. Cynthia Bejarano- Criminal Justice NMSU

            The Crimes
 10:15-10:40	Diana Washington Valdéz- El Paso Times
 10:45-11:25	Andrea Baca- El Paso Police Department
   Manuel Esparza- Women's Homicide Unit Cd. Juárez

 11:30-12:00	Discussion
 12:00-1:00	Break for Lunch

   Social Change and Positive Action
 1:15-1:40	Alyson Kozma-Amnesty International 
 1:45-2:10	Dr. Martha Smithey- Sociology UTEP
 2:15-2:40	Representative Norma Chavez- Texas House of

   Men's Responsibility 
 2:45-3:00	Victor Muñoz- co-chair Coalition Against Violence
 Towards 				Women and Families at the 
US-Mexico Border
 3:00-3:15	Dave Jones- UTEP Student Development Center
 3:15-4:00	Jose Avila- Center Against Family Violence
              Andres Caro- Center Against Family Violence
 4:00-5:00         Discussion

Mariposa A
 Place: Poliforo Juan Gabriel, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua             
   Cost: Special Guests Appearances by: Jose Feliciano and
 Alejandro Lerner Hector Bonilla, 	Rodrigo Vidal, Fernando Arau
 and Jaime Almeida

Tuesday, February 10, 2004: Anti-Violence Workshops
 Anti-Violence Workshop hosted by David Jones of Student
 Development Center Time: 6:00
Location: University Suites, 3rd Floor Union East	
Description:  This program will preview the social construction
of masculinity through a film entitled Tough Guise, a film by
Jackson Katz.  We will examine what men and women can do to
re-norm misogynistic aspects of the masculinity construct. 
Participants in this program will walk away with the tools to
actively intervene in the everyday situations.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004: Film Night
 Time: 7:00pm
 Place: Union Cinema
 Description: Four films will be screened along with discussion
 with student directors Senorita Extraviada, by Lourdes Portillo
 Silent Film, by Michael Torres
Las Mujeres de Cd. Juárez: El Relato de las Mujeres Vivas, by
Maria Salazar Tierra Prometida: by Angel Estrada

Friday February 13, 2004: Film Screening 
 Time: 7:00pm
  Place: Union Cinema
 Description: "Stages of Fear" touches upon three of the most
 talked about problems in 	México: The murders of young women 
 the border city of Juárez (375 women in Ten Years), 	the
 kidnapping business, and corruption in the Mexican Police.
 "Stages of Fear" is a very 	realistic look at the "business" of
 kidnapping in Mexico, as well as 	the lackadaisical attitude of
 	the Mexican Police towards the murders of many Mexican 

Saturday February 14, 2004: Juárez Events & Protest
11:00 AM.- El Paso marchers meet at San Jacinto Plaza in Downtown
El Paso. -Juárez- Eventos Todos Gratuitos- Lugar: Sala de Usos
Múltiples de CCU (Plutarco Elías Calles y Hermanos Escobar) 10:00
AM.- Conferencia "Violencia de Genero" Marcela Lagarde. 11:15 -
Rueda de Prensa Lugar: Puente Internacional Lerdo 12:45 PM.-
Reunión con gente del El Paso.  Bienvenida- Mónica Alicia Juárez
Correa 1:00 - Inicio Marcha, partiendo del Puente Internacional
Lerdo (Ave. Lerdo) a el Monumento a Benito       Juárez (Calle
Vicente Guerrero y Constitución ). Lugar: Monumento Benito Juárez
2:00 - Celebración Ecuménica y "Un Minuto De Silencio Por La Paz"
2:45- Traslado a los Jardines Carta Blanca Salón "Moroccos" (Ave.
Reforma #1688, Col. Barreal)- transportación disponible en
autobús Lugar: Salón Moroccos 3:00- Módulos informativos. Habrá
música y comida a precios módicos. 4:15- Poesía Coral de
Estudiantes Universitarios de Cd. Juárez-El Paso. 4:30- "Los
Monólogos de la Vagina" participando: Lilia Aragón, Laura Flores,
Marinita Escobedo, Jane Fonda, Sally Field y Eve Ensler. Final-
autobús disponible al Puente Lerdo.

Sunday, February 15, 2004: The Vagina Monologues 
 Time: 8:00 pm
 Place: Magoffin Auditorium			   Special Appearance 
by: Eve
 Ensler Tickets:  $9.50 available through Ticketmaster

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