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Thu Feb 5 19:47:46 CST 2004

[ed:  here are some interesting ones.]

From: Daniel Haran <dharan at>

Dear comm-org denizens,

In the past few days I received two emails related to online organizing.
Since I am not an American citizen -and living in Canada- this is an
unusual occurrence. I guess these two examples have caught people's

The one forwarded below seems to be an effective deconstruction of 
Bush's budget priorities (using Oreo cookies!) as well as a successful 
recruiting piece for TrueMajority.  

The second concerns efforts by Democrats to register voters living 

There are apparently enough Americans living in Canada to make a 
difference in many swing states. The interesting element is that already 
a number of Canadians have forwarded this to American expats, 
encouraging them to register and vote _against_ Bush. Any thoughts on 
the implications of such trends?  

Anyhow, please pass on these campaign links to Americans, especially 
expats :)  

Peace- Daniel.  

From: TrueMajority <alerts at>
Subject: A Better Answer to George Bush's Budget
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 14:21:17 -0500 (EST)

Dear ,

Two weeks ago we sent around a link to this little animation we made, 
which explains the federal budget using, well, Oreo cookies. The 
response has been fantastic. So much so, at first, that many folks didn't 
get through. We quickly upgraded the gizmos, and now 300,000 people 
have watched the piece. Thousands of TrueMajority members 
forwarded the e-mail to their friends, and 25,000 new people have 
joined our movement in the last two weeks.  

Those are just the kind of friend-to-friend connections we need to get 
rid of the insanity in Washington.  

Now President Bush has submitted his budget proposal for the new 
year. Once again, it's heavy on the guns (including useless cold war 
weapons and new nukes) and weak on the things we really need-such 
as schools, health care, and help for the world's poorest. If you haven't 
seen the Oreo animation yet, check it out. And please pass this e-mail 
on to friends and family so they can see this great introduction to the 
values of TrueMajority.

Thanks for spreading the word,

Ben Cohen
Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream*

PS: If you've got a blog or a Web site, please feel free to link to the
animation. We've even got a nifty banner at you can use.

<snipped removal info>

* I am writing this email on my own and not on behalf of Ben & Jerry's,
which is not associated with the TrueMajority campaign.

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