Where are they now--organizer biographies

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Thu Feb 5 19:35:59 CST 2004

[ed:  thanks to Betty, Doug, and Leah for replying to Steve's idea.  
Looks like even more ideas here.  Maybe a working group could form?]

From: "Betty G. Robinson" <bgrobinson at verizon.net>

Hi Randy (and Steve),  For some information on where SNCC and other 
civil rights staff members are you can go to the website for Civil Rights 
Veterans:    www.crmvet.org.  

Betty G. Robinson


From: DougRHess at aol.com

One way to do this, would be to set up a list of not-too-intrusive 
questions and use the "Survey Monkey" website to collect data from 
people who are organizers (NOT those who observe, relate to, study, 
etc. it). Survey Monkey has some pretty neat features and is affordable, 
you can use it for free, or turn it on for one month (for $20 I think) and 
then shut if off. See http://www.surveymonkey.com for more. I used this 
once for a survey of readers of a news digest project I helped oversee 
and it worked very well. It might not tell us much about the field of 
organizing due to sampling problems, but still would be a start to seeing 
where people are, who trained them, what groups they work for and 
how they move around from community to labor to issue to identity 
organizing, etc.  

Doug Hess
Ph.D. Student, 
School of Public Policy & Administration,
George Washington University

Home address: 
2114 N St., NW Apt. 23
Washington, DC 20037
(cell 202-276-4807)

[ed:  I can also host a web survey on COMM-ORG using open source 
software, but someone else may have to do the actual survey 


From: "Rogne, Leah" <leah.rogne at mnsu.edu>

This sounds like a very valuable exercise.  

I would like to know where organizers from United Farm Workers-- the 
grape and lettuce boycott--are now.  The current generation of young 
people, except in California, know very little if anything about Cesar 
Chavez and the boycott.  I think it was the greatest school of organizing 
I've ever seen.



> Hi folks -
> Randy and I have been chatting about how interesting it would be
> to have additional "where are they now" updates about individuals
> and organizations from various points in community (and perhaps
> labor and other) organizing history.  
> It would be wonderful if one or more individuals - or perhaps a
> professor with a class to which this could be assigned as a
> project! - could develop a list of such individuals and
> organizations and then research and post updates to the list
> about where they are now (i.e. what they're doing now, how
> successful previous efforts were, etc.).  
> It's possible that this project could lead to some very valuable
> information about about organizing longevity and changes over
> time in the field.  
> My question, just to get the ball rolling, would be: which
> individuals or organizations from either recent or distant
> organizing history would folks most like to know where they are
> now?  
> Please reply to the list rather than to me directly.
> Steve
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