Where are they now--organizer biographies

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Tue Feb 3 19:54:24 CST 2004

[ed:  I think Steve's idea could engage a number of us in discussion.  In 
fact, for a number of you, it could be "where am *I* now.  I know a 
number of you on the list whose careers have taken many an 
interesting twist.]

Hi folks -

Randy and I have been chatting about how interesting it would be to 
have additional "where are they now" updates about individuals and 
organizations from various points in community (and perhaps labor and 
other) organizing history.  

It would be wonderful if one or more individuals - or perhaps a 
professor with a class to which this could be assigned as a project! - 
could develop a list of such individuals and organizations and then 
research and post updates to the list about where they are now (i.e. 
what they're doing now, how successful previous efforts were, etc.).  

It's possible that this project could lead to some very valuable 
information about about organizing longevity and changes over time in 
the field.  

My question, just to get the ball rolling, would be: which individuals or 
organizations from either recent or distant organizing history would 
folks most like to know where they are now?  

Please reply to the list rather than to me directly.


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