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Mon Feb 2 13:26:10 CST 2004

[ed:  we wrestle with the evaluation question on a regular basis and it is 
always worth revisiting.  Please copy COMM-ORG with your responses 
to Linda's query.]

From: "Linda Plitt Donaldson" <lp.donaldson at verizon.net>

I am wondering what type of benchmarks people/organizations are 
using to measuring outcomes for community organizing.  
Organizations/groups that I am working with have expressed a 
reluctance to hire an organizer partly because they're not sure how to 
demonstrate progress to funders and to Board members who are 
dubious about the "concrete" benefits of organizing.  

What are people using to measure organizing outcomes, and does 
anyone know of any literature written about measuring outcomes in 


Linda Plitt Donaldson
Catholic University

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