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A new case study of Mothers on the Move (MOM) written by Kavitha
Mediratta and Jessica Karp, and published by the New York
University Institute for Education and Social Policy, analyses
efforts to improve schooling outcomes in the Hunts Point
neighborhood of the South Bronx. It describes a ten-year struggle
to expose hidden disparities in achievement and resources between
local schools and schools in wealthier neighborhoods, oust
ineffective school district leadership and, ultimately, help the
Hunts Point schools improve. The study is based on interviews
conducted between June 2002 - 2003 of MOM members and staff, as
well as with the Chancellors and superintendent who presided
during MOM’s organizing. The researchers also examined data
obtained from the New York City Department of Education regarding
changes in Hunts Point and District 8 schools. The report
concludes that MOM’s organizing played a pivotal role in
forcing numerous critical changes in the district. New York City
Department of Education data show that the improvements set in
motion through MOM’s organizing for leadership change are
beginning to bear fruit in some Hunts Point schools. For example,
fourth grade reading scores at Public School 62, where MOM began
its organizing, increased by over fifty percent, from 22% meeting
the state standard in 1999 to 36% meeting the standard in 2003.
For more information and to obtain a copy of this report, please
contact the NYU Institute for Education and Social Policy at

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