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Thu Sep 25 19:46:46 CDT 2003

From: csio at

Hi everyone: MIRA needs your help!!  Mira is looking for someone 
who has organizing skills and who ideally is an immigrant and 
speaks Spanish or Portuguese or any of the other key languages 
we deal with in Massachusetts, to fill their Legislative Outreach 
Coordinator position.  This person would work with their 
Governmental AffairsDirector,and would do our outreach to 
organizations throughout the state on our legislative priorities.  
Although the person would not be involved in grass roots 
organizing the person would be involved in organizing leaders, 
organizers and other key players at the community level.  Please 
find attached the job description.  


[ed:  please contact csio at for the job description as 
COMM-ORG does not distribute attached formatted files.]

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