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Sun Sep 21 19:12:52 CDT 2003

From:	"Jo Lee" <jo_lee at>

CitizenSpeak is a new non-profit that offers a free email advocacy
service for grassroots organizations.  

CitizenSpeak was inspired by MoveOn email campaigns launched during the
anti-war movement.  As local activists, we launched CitizenSpeak to
provide this same capability at the community level.  

With CitizenSpeak, grassroots organizations can now launch web-based
email campaigns (also known as "action alerts") and track participation.
CitizenSpeak also enables organizations to invite supporters to make a
donation, volunteer or become a member.  

CitizenSpeak campaigns have been launched by the Rhode Island Coalition
Against Domestic Violence, the One Rhode Island coalition, Providence
Mayor Cicilline, Es La Hora, Rhode Island ACORN, Dean supporters,
neighborhood associations and many more.   

Feel free to visit, create and account and launch a
campaign.  It's free and easy.  Please contact us if you have any
questions or comments.

Thank you,
Jo Lee

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